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Attention Klowns 6-1-04


Attention Klowns  6-1-04

Sup Killas! Tony called me today and said to bring like 15 bucks to the double header weekend games. I guess with that money I can get the entire team outfitted with numbers and hopfeully logos. We play like 1 unit... lets look like 1 unit.  I had a blast the game I played so far. You guys are awsome and I look forward to kicking some more ass all over the plex. Looks like the only team that might be a rival to us is the Falcons. There the YELLOW team. I heard they have lots of fans and the fans bring yellow pom poms ( What kind of faggot brings pom poms to a hockey game) and act like there in the NHL. So you know what that means right? We make em piss there pants and make sure there granny panies match the jerseys. There like the 2nd to the last game of the 1st session I believe. Im gonna try and get our shirts made up. I got all this crazy artwork laying around I did for the shirts but your fat dumb ass goalie hasnt had the doe to get em done up. We need to get some loud crazy bastards at our games. Tell your freinds to come to the games and act   Last game I was at all I seen was them yuppie ass teeny bopper gfs in the stands watching there studs getting massacred 13-3. Maybe we should blow em a kiss next time? How bout I take my mask off and scare em?

Till the next Kill'n spree im out like a fat chic in gym class.


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