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Stright from Andy!

Team Letter-
Ok yall I got a few things on my mind. First is jerseys. Im sure everyones like, what the fuck is this dude doing about our jerseys? Heres the deal. My sister who lives 5 hours away agreed to order me some jerseys. They arent cheap. It will be on her credit card. That means if I hang her out to dry then when I see her with no money its my ass. So I been hearing that players are wondering what the deal is. I work 25 hours a week for UPS after being layed off 3 jobs last year this is all my income. My life is shitty right now and I only make a enough for truck payments and gas. Why? Becuase GOD hates me and I live my life by hating him back. Which explains why I stand infornt of pucks while wearing the least amount of protection I can get away with. Why? Becuase its hot and if you dont play goalie then you have no clue what the hell what im talking about. The damn Komets goalie (Kevin St.pierre) barely finished one game in net at the plex and hes a pro who is in the top peek of pyshical fitness .Ok, on with the show...So I need some help. Thats as straight forward as I can get. So if these jerseys get here on time by next game help a brother out.
The Killer Klowns and its intentions-Westy formed the team a few years ago and I drew a cool ass logo and we decided to revive the idea. We know some Komets players becuase we are some crazy bastards who hang out after hockey games and I used to be freinds with one. Anyways with that idea we were supposed to have like 5 players and we were gonna play in the C league just to make sure we were competive and had some fun. That didnt mean we wanted to stay there. As usal it didnt pan out and thankfully those of you who are freinds of Tony decided to help us out. We have never been beat'n head to head. The double header weekend is a bitch to play as goalie. Put on all your winter cloths and jog around your house once in this June weather and thats what I feel like just putting the shit on in the bathroom. Understand that! I dont even have health insurance becuase of my job situation I go out there each game in a high risk situation of falling over from heat or breaking a bone becuase im trying to stay cool by not wearing a chest protecter and other things. If you seen my arms and legs you will literally throw up. I have bloody ass bruises bigger than cd's all over my body. So if anyones questioning my loyatly come and ask me and I will show you what I do for you guys. I was told I need to butterfly more.
     Then maybe I should say well stop missing a pass or stop slipping and falling. Dont hit the post. Why did you only score 2 goals? How come you let that guy by? Were all human. Its house league at the fucking Plex! Anyways back to the intentions. Me personally I wanna play any level becuase I love playing hockey but I dont wanna play in the same damn league......again. Challenge yourself. Use this session to better yourself. This session for me is nothing more than a retooling of my game. Ive been out of the nets for months. Its just to get back into the swing of things, loose some weight and remember what the hell im doing. I've been playing in goal since 1987 so I dont need to stay in the same league. I dont even know anyone on the team but 3 guys so dont expect me to know everyones style of play. I wanted the Killer Klowns to be a no politics type team. Just strap the gear on and play. Who gives a shit what the score is? 2-1 100-101  as long as we can win some games and be a higher team in the standings thats what its all about. Its not like losing every game and shit. For a team that doesnt really know each other and just shows up on game day to be 3-1 thats pretty damn good. What is there to bitch about? This isnt a easy game for me. For a guy who is used to being able to dig his blades into the ice and set his body into his stance, shuffling sliding across the crease, and doing what hes known for 15 years to come out of not playing for months onto sport with a rough service on slippery rollerblades, no water bottle on his net, a roster of strangers , and no fucking rules...I aint doing that bad!
The reason why we were asked about the B league isnt to abandon anyone. Come with us. I was asked by guys Ive played with for over 10 years and its a chance to play with 2 of the cities franchise hockey players...Colin Chaulk(won NOB brick award as the Komets best defensive forward) and Kevin St.Pierre(UHL Sherwood league MVP and Goalie of the year) just and no rewards. To me the league were in now I know the whole team can move up with no problems. Think about it and we will address it very soon, as we are already begining to discuss it. If you guys visited the site months ago remeber that me and Westy are doing this for year round roller-adult icehockey. The ice season will even featiure entirely different jerseys and this site will be much different by october with ice hockey on its mind. We will not limit ourselves. Were hungry for more. If theres any problems with that or me then go find a new goalie, a new captain, and a new team name, cause me and Westy will be out like a fat bitch in a dodgeball game.
concerns reach me
or Westy at
(This is not a deletable letter at this time)
Westy's Note:
I dont want anybody to think we are calling them out or turning our backs on you. We wanna move up to B2 because we know we can compete there, espically with 2 UHL allstars on the team.  And we know everyone else can compete also.  A few people seem to be scared of moving up to a higher league, but there isnt anything to be scared of, I have played in every league from C2 all the way to A, there isnt that much of a difference, besides team Beer Me/Hooters in A.  I know we can hang with every team in B2 so thats what we are playing in next session.  Now lets just use the rest of this session to get better and play better as a team so we can be ready for the jump to B2.