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            Welcome you crazy bastards to the official website of the Killer Klowns Hockey Club. We are gearing for the 1st session of Roller hockey at the Plex. Right now we are going through the building process of the team. The following information is to give you a idea of what were all about ,and to hopefully answer any questions you may have. So pay attention!!!

            My name is Andy Nichols and with Brandon West were looking for a line up of players for the upcoming spring Roller Hockey session at the Plex. We have some players already lined up ,but we must meet the total of players needed to fully roster a team. The fee is whatever the Plex will be charging. As far as the jerseys I am going to be paying for them. They will have logos, numbers, and possible sponsors. These jerseys are to be left with Brandon after each game. The purpose of this is we want to make the Killer Klowns a tradition in local Roller and adult Ice hockey in the Ft. Wayne area and possibly play in other Indiana cities. So therefore we must have the jerseys back unless you want one custom made for you must pay for the entire cost of the jersey.

            A few things I would like to pass along to the younger players that we may have on the team. We only want players who are going to show up to each game ,and give there all. Any finger pointing ,and problem causing on the bench I will purposely break your neck and mail your remains to your front door step in a box with a nice pink bow!

I have encountered problems with younger players in the past and I am sick of it. We want to have fun ,and be a team that fully competes on game day. So if any of this information does not appeal to you donāt let the door hit you in the ass on the way out.

            To contact me you can email me at I guess I have covered everything I can think of. I would like to suggest to the players that we want to practice for an hour atleast once a week. I know every ones got a busy life style so if you cant attend then thats fine. Other than that welcome to the Killer Klowns website.  Take a look around , and see what were all about. We will see yah in the spring. Take it easy.