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Killer Klowns are 2-0
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Attention Klowns 2-2-04

This is MORE you need to know if you are gonna be down with the Klowns.

Team Letter( 2) 2-2-04


So far the Klowns might have the pleasure of the playing with the most hard working Komet player in town.The captain of the Komets -Colin Chaulk. Has expressed interest in sporting the Killer Klowns' logo. We couldn't be more happy. So its our job to work hard and make sure he has a fun time as we KILL the opposing teams. I've decided to update the letter since the information is old news by now. The season starts in early May and the rosters must be placed by April 22nd. So start saving up your cash.  I want to get some practices in with anyone willing ,because for the guys who might not have much exprience we don't want to get rail roaded. One thing I want say is if we do have a few Komet players on the roster that we are there to stop any assholes for running them or taking any cheap shots. There grown men , that can hold there own but we want them to have fun  ,and not have to worry about some jerkoffs out at the plex who wanna be tough guys. I guess the 1st time around there was a few times when it did happen. I don't mean jump in and get yourself tossed from the session just be in the guys face and give him a face wash with the glove. Remember the Klowns logo on your jersey is a symbol of intimidation.


I'd like to see what kind of skill level we have on the team so me ,and Brandon can see which level the team can compete in. Westy thinks we better play in the High C so we know we will have a good shot at competing. Hes prolly right.  I have like 10-15 guys who can hold there own in any league that are not on the team ,because we don't need more than 12 probably. I think it might have to come down to who pays up 1st. Reason for that might be that we need to get our team fully paid for and in the list so that we can pick the jersey color. Im gonna be spending over 300 -350 dallors if the sponsors don't come through and I really don't want to be stuck not being able to wear the colors that we have already chosen. That's why I say if your gonna play be ready in mid March to pay your registration fee. Me personally I wanna play the hardest most intense level of play that this city has to offer but I do understand some of our guys are beginners. No big deal this all for fun anyways. Were not out there to win the Stanley Cup of course.


Last thing I got to say is the Jerseys. If you want the jersey to keep then you have to pay for the jersey and the printing that has to be done . Again if you don't buy  the jersey it has to be given to Westy after each game to be washed by me or him /whatever. I'm also gonna be drawing a comic book style t shirt theme to make shirts. We can try and sell them to make some cash and we can take that money and split it up to help pay for players registration fees if you guys want. Also the hats Brandon made. I'm going to buy some white or orange shirts and get the drawing I do printed on it and give the players each one to sport. Feel free to get the name out and help make some cash. Whatever money we make we can pay for practice hours, registrations, or maybe to pay for after game meals if anyone wants to hang out after games. That's it for now you crazy bastards.


Your goalie( big mean looking muther who can,t fit in chairs)

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