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Killer Klowns Hockey Club
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*Meet The Klowns of 2006

A band of insane hockey stick barring misfits have broken loose from the local Circus. These Klowns are not to be taken lightly. Considered armed and extremely dangerous this group led by Brandon West has  been unleased to the stomping grounds of local hockey players. Beware of these monsters, becuase they can't be tamed. Save yourself from the torture that will soon become of you if you cross them. You dont know who they are? Then.............................


4 years ago Brandon founded the Killer Klowns with variuos Komets players. Since then the Klowns have been a stable in the roller hockey community in Ft. Wayne. The Klowns have always been full of much uneeded drama but we always come back for more. Brandon took the 04 season off for his head officiating job at the Plex. He is back after the Klowns won a championship at the CCC. Were Brandon wants to be a part of one himself. Welcome back Westy!
The Lambinator returns as well with the Klowns. Westys best bud plays defense for the Klowns. His defense style is insane and Seth never has a lazy shift when he plays hockey. Seth also is a assistant captain on the Klowns.  

ANDY NICHOLS #20(The Devilman)
Goaltender #20 / Team Artist and Scapegoat. Holds the alltime wins record for the club. Won a Roller Hockey Championshiop with the Klowns in 2005 and only goaltender in club history to do so. The Big An-Diesel  One big ass goalie who is maybe the most misunderstood man in hockey. Ready for one last tour of duty in 06 and welcomes all doubters......his critics are always silenced.......ALWAYS!

Corey is a 2nd year Killer Klown. Named assitant captain for his love of the Killer Klowns and dedication. The Bear is Andys brotha from anotha motha. Corey is a defensemen for the Klowns and single handly got the Klowns into the 2nd round of the Plex playoffs in session 1 when he dove and saved a shot that got through the Klowns goalie and almost crossed the goal line. WE HAVE PICS TO PROVE IT HAHA. In 2006 Corey SCORED..the greatest Klowns goal of all time by scoring in a shootout to put the Klowns into the finals with a awsome 5 hole goal against a very flexible goaltender.
DJ was the number one player in the city of Fort Wayne last season and he is now playing for the Klowns. DJ has only played 2 games but has already lit the lamp OVER 20 times and he shows no signs of stopping! He is an awsome player who is very friendly on and off the rink. DJ is going to be playing for the Indy Ice this year. We are glad to have you on the team DJ. IS THE BEST KILLER KLOWN PLAYER OF ALL TIME!

Fletcher Allwein-
Fletcher was the starting goalie for most of sniders hockey gmaes this past season. He was invited to play for the Klowns by Tukker This guys is a real one game against Carroll he skated from his crease and close lined 2 carroll players.
Chris Treft-

Send In The Klowns!!! If you are interested in playing, email us, we are always looking for new players.